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Accessories Do the Talking

In my last post, Spirit Hoods, I talked about a terrible way of peacocking.  Peacocking and accessorizing go hand in hand because you can make your statement about who you are and posers can project an image of what they want to be.

Accessories are a great and potentially cheap way to make your statement, express who you are, and bring your whole look together…or intentionally throw it off!  Some you can wear almost every day, making it your signature.  If you wear the same clothes every time, trying to make it your signature, it becomes old and lame quickly.  I say almost every day because accessories still need to be event specific.  You can’t wear some crazy A-Morir glasses to a corporate meeting.  At the same time, you shouldn’t be wearing tie clips and wingtips to the club.  In no circumstance should you Bling.  It’s done!  It’s over!  No more!

Whether it’s a watch, cuff, swag, belt, bags, shoes, necklace, hat, tie, glasses, earrings, the options are endless.  Let’s take a look.


Pharrell has literally been awarded Best Dressed Man in the World by a number of credible sources like Esquire, Vanity Fair, and more.  He makes great use of accessories, and has the fashion credibility to set trends.  He was the first person I had ever seen rock a Louis Vuitton handkerchief around his neck.  Within weeks, I started seeing designer handkerchiefs in various fashion hubs in the States like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  If not wearing, his words generate sales for companies like Richard Mille (watches), Jimmy Choo (shoes), A Bathing Ape (clothing line) and of course his own line Billionaire Boys Club.



So Mr. West, as one of the most polarizing people in the media, is one of those that has made it cool for men to be fashion concious.  He came onto the scene with his signature Louis Vuitton backpack and necklace aka Jesus piece.  His style has evolved and many say improved.  Notice how his Louis Vuitton scarf and shoes become the statement, and not as much his just as dope black blazer with white piping.  Always on the cutting edge of fashion, fans and companies, alike, have taken notice.  There is even a website dedicated solely to his style…!




Becks, when not in his football kit or shirtless, is often put on various Best Dressed lists.  He is definitely a fan of his accessories, for he is often seen with bracelets, ties, scarves, sunglasses, and more.  As you can see here, he’s incorporated a vest and tie with a casual look, which is really easy to do.  The scarf and beads are not for everyone, but it works for him.   While many are wearing your standard 3-button single breasted suit, David Beckham sports a slim fit double breasted navy pinstripe with spread collar and nice pocket square.  Definitely something men should have no qualms aspiring to.






Adding a few accessories can take you from boring to making a statement.  Please consider.

PS. Here’s my signature 10 years and running.  Cheers!


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Spirit Hoods


I don’t get what’s the appeal of this trend of wearing animals on your head.  I’ve been seeing people all over wearing these Spirit Hoods.

Is it peacocking?  Just to be weird?

Can someone tell me what this is all about?  Until then, I’ll just dress well, and let that be my statement.


Khloe – you make it too easy for us to clown you

Mef – you’re losing street cred by the minute

Olivia – docking you a few sexy points

Snoop – you do some weird shit, but C’MON MAN!!!


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Shoes are Cars

So I was watching a video the other day, and one of the interviewees put things into persepective for me.

Justin Furman, from sneaker mecca Dave’s Quality Meat in New York, said it perfectly.

Growing up in the suburbs for me, kids had cars.  And if you got a car, you hooked up your car.  That was your identity.  In the city, nobody’s got a car, so it’s like boom…these are your cars…and you’re trying to get recognized.”

*Go to 6:00 mark if you want to get to quote easily

When I lived in New York, I was somewhat of a sneakerhead.  I mean I wasn’t a true head because I only had 20 pairs, and trues have 100+ and pay serious dollars.  I definitely had a great appreciation for a nicely designed pair of sneakers.  Since moving out to LA, I don’t even wear sneakers any more.  I wear them occasionally from time to time when I feel like I’m neglecting them, otherwise it’s Rainbows or Chucks.  I didn’t realize it until I saw this video and Justin Furman said it perfectly.

I now realize why sneaker love in LA is not quite on the same level as it is in NY.  In LA, your car is how you represent and express yourself.  It’s definitely a status symbol, whether it’s luxury or custom, it says quite a bit about you.  In NY city, people don’t have cars.  Their shoes get them from place to place, so people invest and express who they are through their shoes.

So what do your shoes say about you?

TOMS – casual and concerned about giving back

Wingtips – classic, traditional, and a touch of conservative

Prada – metro and some might think a bit “suspect”

Rainbows – live in a beach community

Converse Chuck Taylors aka Chucks – alternative and/or liberal

DC Shoes or Vans – skateboarder or living the lifestyle

Christian Louboutin – famous for the red shoe sole says the wearer spent a ton of money for those shoes

Nike Vintage sneakers (AirForce1, Dunks, Jordans, etc.) – potential sneakerhead

BAPE – not as much any more, but at one time it meant you are a sneakerhead with money

The list could go on and on.  Shoe companies know this, and market themselves accordingly.  You guys should pay attention to what’s on your feet and what that is telling the world.  If nothing at all, know that women care about what’s on your feet, and so should you.


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Justin Bieber

Today it was announced that Google Zeitgeist 2011 most searched person, to no one’s surprise, is…JUSTIN BIEBER!!!

His 15.5 MILLION Belieber twitter followers.  @justinbieber

His 38 MILLION Belieber facebook fans.

So why is The Beibs such a phenomenon?  Why is there BieberFever?

There are currently no major boy bands like New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys, nor N’Sync, so the solo artists are shining.  The nearly 30 million teenage girls around the country see him as their teen idol.  We all know that everything men do is to impress women, so teenage boys want to be Justin Bieber.  They want to dance like him, act like him, and definitely dress like him!  Well that girly hair thing wasn’t so aspirational for a while, but now he’s all good 🙂

Indeed he has made a transition as he gets older, matures, and voice gets deeper.  We can attribute this transition to his swag coach, Ryan Good.

According to the Kansas City Star, Bieber says, “I have a swagger coach that helps me and teaches me different swaggerific things to do,”

Yes! There’s more: “He has helped me with my style and just putting different pieces together and being able to layer and stuff like that.”

Everyone needs a swag coach, including many of you out there.  We don’t necessarily want to make it public like the Biebs has, so come back to this blog as much as you want for some tips here and there.  Going forward, I shall anoint this to be my swag blog…my SWOG!!!

Let’s check out the good work his swag coach has done over the last couple years.  Here is Justin Bieber in early 2010.

He’s got his signature girl bangs and red hoodie.  Not sure what he is more known for the red or the purple hoodie, but his hoodie game is nice.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a number of cool hoodies in your closet, but you have to switch up how you wear it.  He always had it layered under a jacket.  That is one of the many ways.  Wear it without the jacket layer, hood up, hood down, zipped up, zipped down to show a cool graphic tee underneath.  A bright colored hood will become the center of attention, so switch it up in different ways to draw people’s eyes elsewhere.  Wearing the hoodie in different ways makes it seem like completely new outfits!

Now look at Justin Bieber in November 2011 on the Today Show.

This Christmas jacket actually got a bunch of buzz.  Some people hated it, while others loved it.  I loved it because his or Ryan Good’s finger is right on the pulse of the trend.

Junya Watanabe Christmas jacket

AG Adriano Goldschmied jeans

Chanel sneakers

The way to interpret this for the every day dude is the varsity jacket, which is really popular right now.  The leather sleeves and contrasting color body can be found in a number of collections in the market.  AG jeans are within reach of most in the designer market, but there are cheaper options as well.  MEK Denim achieves just that with the designer back pockets at a lower pricepoint.  The key here is to get a narrow or slim fit.  They don’t have to be skin tight, but do not cover up your shoes.  You also do not need Chanel sneakers, but the hi tops are the key here.  The narrow leg allows you to show off the dope kicks that you have to complete the outfit.  Varsity jacket, slim jeans, and hi tops should be a staple Fall look!

We should all duly note the Biebs got a well deserved haircut.  The bangs became his signature, so much that they fetched $40G at an auction hosted by talk show host and huge Justin Bieber fan, Ellen Degeneres.  She then donated the money to Gentle Barn Foundation, DeGeneres’s animal rescue foundation.  Great that he got a haircut and great to donate money.  All in all a great move.

Your look and the way you carry yourself is your style…your swag!  Be concious of it and own it!

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Rosewood Movement

I just read about the Rosewood Movement about a month ago, while reading a bio on Big Sean (Detroit native like myself).  I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about this in the past year because apparently they have been pushing it for a minute.

The Rosewood Movement is a fashion initiative in which Kanye [West] and his group wear the same sharply tailored suits. It stems from the Rosewood Civil Rights Movement, but in this case is meant to raise the level of sophistication within the rap and hip hop worlds. Kanye is known to be a fashion trend setter, so this is meant to influence his followers to dress a bit sharper.

…West has explained in interviews that the Rosewood Movement is much more than just a fashion statement. It also includes good manners, no profanity in public, “calling your grandmother” and “taking care of your kids.”

Here is the GOOD Music crew rocking the look on this year’s 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher.  Btw, you guys should definitely check out these videos on, for a freestyle cypher is hip hop or rap in its truest form.  Raw and uncut…especially when it’s off the top!

It’s an ode to the days of yester year or generation, for that matter, when everyone wore suits every day, then you add the modern look of the blacked out sunglasses, DJ Premier rocks the Yankee fitted, or the earrings a few of them are wearing.  Repurpose.  Repackage.  Reinvent.   Mixing of different looks that blend well and making it your own is what it’s all about!

Kanye West is an individual I have mixed feelings.  I’m not much of a fan of his music, which he is known for, which is why I declined an invitation to the Watch the Thrones concert in LA the other day.  I do respect his love for his family, his passion, and especially his sense of style.  “Kane,” if you are listening out there, I’ll give you a run for you money on the GQ tip once I get to your level of money.  Stay tuned…

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Returning in Stellar Fashion

It’s been a while world wide web, but I’m back.  I’ll be switching up the format, but here’s my start.  Just real quick!

Here are some cool contemporary men’s clothing brands at the moment. – love the story on the name as well

But I’m not just a tunnel vision dude.  Sometimes I want to rock a different look.  Here are some cool streetwear men’s clothing brands at the moment.

The question is what about days that I’ve feeling both?  That’s the key that I am in the process of developing.
To buy product from any of these brands, check out my new website  Happy shopping

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