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Rosewood Movement

I just read about the Rosewood Movement about a month ago, while reading a bio on Big Sean (Detroit native like myself).  I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about this in the past year because apparently they have been pushing it for a minute.

The Rosewood Movement is a fashion initiative in which Kanye [West] and his group wear the same sharply tailored suits. It stems from the Rosewood Civil Rights Movement, but in this case is meant to raise the level of sophistication within the rap and hip hop worlds. Kanye is known to be a fashion trend setter, so this is meant to influence his followers to dress a bit sharper.

…West has explained in interviews that the Rosewood Movement is much more than just a fashion statement. It also includes good manners, no profanity in public, “calling your grandmother” and “taking care of your kids.”

Here is the GOOD Music crew rocking the look on this year’s 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher.  Btw, you guys should definitely check out these videos on, for a freestyle cypher is hip hop or rap in its truest form.  Raw and uncut…especially when it’s off the top!

It’s an ode to the days of yester year or generation, for that matter, when everyone wore suits every day, then you add the modern look of the blacked out sunglasses, DJ Premier rocks the Yankee fitted, or the earrings a few of them are wearing.  Repurpose.  Repackage.  Reinvent.   Mixing of different looks that blend well and making it your own is what it’s all about!

Kanye West is an individual I have mixed feelings.  I’m not much of a fan of his music, which he is known for, which is why I declined an invitation to the Watch the Thrones concert in LA the other day.  I do respect his love for his family, his passion, and especially his sense of style.  “Kane,” if you are listening out there, I’ll give you a run for you money on the GQ tip once I get to your level of money.  Stay tuned…


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