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Nobel Peace Prize Scheme

So I just stumbled on my next money making scheme.  I’m going to win the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize!

Swedish people are so nice!

Swedish people are so nice!

The winner takes home $1.4 million!  I shall promote peace and harmony around the world, then win my casheesh.

Seriously, why does an individual win a ridiculous amount of money?  If there was a stipulation on how the money must be used, that is one thing.  These people are free to use the money however they so choose.  That said, the people that win are usually in a good financial position already.  That allows them the time to dedicate tireless time and effort to promoting peace.  A naysayer might say that these winners would probably donate the money to charity or their own peace organization.  Not always true!

How some winners spent their money:

2007 – back into organization; THAT’S WASSUP!

2001 – bought a house

2000 – established a new award;  THAT’S WASSUP!

1999 – restored a city landmark; THAT’S WASSUP!

1995 – established an organization; THAT’S WASSUP!

1993 – bought a house; installed a croquet lawn

1991 – stated would establish a trust, but no evidence of such to date

1985 – bought a sailboat

1919 – gave to wife, who helped win the award; THAT’S KINDA WASSUP.

1903, 1911 – back into research; THAT’S WASSUP!

I’m just saying that it’ll be a good way for me to make some money while being socially concious and giving back.  Is there anything wrong with that?


I, myself, have asked have we seen the worst in this financial crisis?  The answer is “pretty damn close!”  Over the past 30 years, we have seen recession periodically.  Domestic recessions usually last about 8 months.  Global recessions usually last about 16 months.  We are about halfway through this global recessions, so we have another 8 months to go.  Next June 2009, look for big things to start happening!  The rebirth of a new economy will come just in time for the rebirth of a new me…I’ll be on the verge of turning 30 years old!


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AIG should just keep the $60M in their pocket, instead of sponsoring Man U!  I’d say that’s a pretty easy way to generate some cash.  Who the F is Man U-ni-ted?


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