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Ann Curry

You, my dear, are the sole reason I am thinking of switching from the Today Show to Good Morning America.  You’re horrible!

It pains me to watch and/or listen to one of your interviews.  When I watch you interview someone, you make this face like you’re talking about something earth shattering and profound because you put so much thought into it.  Really, all it amounts to is what comes off as a mean face.  Here is Ann Curry’s think face:

Okay, so I thought maybe it’ll be better if I just didn’t watch.  The Today Show is legit, so it gets great interviews that I want to hear.  Turning away from the TV, it’s worse to listen to the actual interview.  You apparently are thinking about your profound comment, for you don’t know when to speak and not.  You’re constantly interrupting as someone speaks.  Let the person answer the fucking question!  Then there are long pauses in between questions that go unfilled.  The interviews just don’t flow, and I just end up being frustrated and wanting everyone to shut the fuck up at that point.

Ann Curry, you’re horrible.  I cut you a lot of slack because you were representing for Asians…sort of.  Meredith Viera, you’re worthless because you’re never there.  You must still be trying to figure out how to say your fucking name properly in Portuguese after 50 years.  Matt Lauer, you can stay because you actually know what you’re doing.  Al Roker, keep coonin because it’s what you do best.  Maria Menounos, you’re hot, so just keep quiet and be a pretty face.



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