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– ROY WILLIAMS:  I’m actually happy this trade happened.  I like Roy a lot for his entertainment value, but Lions fans never got to see it because we were never able to get him the ball.  What’s the point of a having a deep stable of receivers if you don’t have anyone to get him the ball?  It’s almost as if the Lions have given up on the season, but I can’t blame them.  They traded for draft picks, so I hope they have already started working on their draft board.  They should have plenty of picks to work with, possibly the #1 pick at this rate.  I will hold my thoughts for now on who that pick should be.

Hey Roy, now that you are leaving the real Big D, have fun with this in Little D:

That's my quarterback!  Sniff Sniff.

That's my quarterback. Sniff Sniff.

– JON KITNA:  He’s out for the season now.  Great!  Now we have Dan Orlovsky to come in and save the day.  Even greater!  Um, I’m hoping the moves to build for the future includes getting a quarterback.  We should try to pick somebody up now to finish the season, and keep them on as leadership.  There’s been rumors of Daunte Culpepper, but I’d rather Steve McNair.  Bring Air McNair to Detroit!

– ANALYSTS:  Maybe I have been watching a bit too much Sportscenter these days, but sports analysts need to just shut the fuck up and watch.  They praise a guy for being a genius one day, then chastise him the next.  The saying goes something like “those that can, play.  those that can’t, coach.”  Where does that leave the analysts?  Those that were too chicken shit to try?

– TOLEDO VS. APP ST.:  This is pissing me off that people keep saying that the Wolverines loss to Toledo was worse than last year’s to Appalachain State.  There are not even close!  Last year was a #5 ranked team full of seniors that had returned with the specific goal of winning a national championship.  This year is an obviously shitty team in transition full of freshman.  There’s no comparison!  None whatsoever!

– JOE PA:  Pretty impressive that he has had at least one undefeated season in every decade since the 60’s.  The 60’s!  If it’s going to happen in this decade, it’s going to be this year.  Hearing today this stat alone leads me to go ahead and claim this indeed is the year.  Penn State will go undefeated in the REGULAR season, on the way to the national championship game.  However, I am not giving them the national championship just yet.  I thought Oklahoma was the team to beat in my mind all season, until a poor showing versus Texas this weekend.  I am not counting them out completely, but I didn’t realize their defense was so poor.  That is why I love college football.  Every game means something.

Unofficial lifetime contract

Unofficial lifetime contract

JoePa and Penn St. had its woes earlier this decade with a few sub-.500 seasons, and now they are back in national contention.  I hope Michigan’s woes are limited to 2 or max. 3 seasons, but we will be back.  It takes time to reload and build a program back up.  We, as Michigan fans, have to have faith in the program.  All that tradition, we can do it.  ALLEZ BLEU!

Did you really think I was going to end this post with a vote of confidence for the Nittany Lions?  My support for my boys is unending.  It’s called LOYALTY.  Drink it in!


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