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State of Michigan Football

Indeed it is a play on words, but today I want to talk about how this year’s football teams are 2 fates tied together.  Last week, Michigan Wolverines got blown out by the Fighting Illini, then the next day the Lions get blown out by the Bears.  Then this past weekend the Wolverines lost in a nailbiter against Toledo of all teams, then the Lions lost in a nailbiter to the Vikings.    One can go ahead and use this coming weekend’s Wolverines result to predict that of the Lions.

Lions football is so bad that a buddy of mine put it perfectly.  Fans can take this Sunday as a moral victory in that we covered the spread.  When you are taking salvation in moral victories, you know you are in bad shape.  Another realization came in the game against Illinois.  KC LOPATA IS THE WORST KICKER IN ALL OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL!  He had a field goal blocked by a player that did not even jump, then he missed a PAT later in the game.  So of course the Toledo game came down to a field goal attempt by Lopata, and he missed a 26-yard field goal.  That’s like missing a layup in basketball.  That’s like missing a gimme in golf.  That’s like striking out in softball.  THAT’S LIKE FUCKING MISSING A FUCKING 26-YARD FIELD GOAL ATTEMPT IN FOOTBALL.

Any soccer players want to kick for the football team?

Any soccer players want to kick for the football team?


The Lions have been historically an underperforming team, so many people in the state are much more college football fans.  We always had the Wolverines to be proud of.  Historically, the Sparties have sucked on green and white losses season after season, but this year the tables have turned.  As Michigan continues in mediocrity, and actually slipped into piss poor, the team up north is doing well.  The Michigan schedule actually will get tougher from here on out, so here are my unfortunate predictions for the rest of the season:

Record 2-4

Penn State – L

Michigan State – L

Purdue – W

Minnesota – L

Northwestern – W

Ohio State – L

FINAL RECORD 4-8…there is a realistic chance that we lose every game for the rest of the season.

There will be a lot of this in our future.

There will be a lot of this in our future.

It looks like our streak of 33 consecutive bowl games will be coming to an end this year.  Bad timing such that we are at our lowest point in school’s history, and we have one of our toughest schedules in years.  We will play 9 teams that will have been ranked in the Top 25 this year.  Our only cupcake game came to bite us in the ass as we lost to a MAC team for the first time in history.

People have already started to call for Rodriguez’s resignation.  I have full faith and will give him a lot of slack in the rope to build the team back up.  He better go to a bowl game, which means a minimum of 6 wins, next year, whereas most people feel like Michigan needs to be in national contention year after year without fail.  If by the 3rd year, we are not a contender, he has to go.  It is fully his recruiting and his players have fully learned the system at that point, so that is the gauge to know if his system works or not.

Until then, mediocrity it is…and an ulcer in my stomach to boot.


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