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Accessories Do the Talking

In my last post, Spirit Hoods, I talked about a terrible way of peacocking.  Peacocking and accessorizing go hand in hand because you can make your statement about who you are and posers can project an image of what they want to be.

Accessories are a great and potentially cheap way to make your statement, express who you are, and bring your whole look together…or intentionally throw it off!  Some you can wear almost every day, making it your signature.  If you wear the same clothes every time, trying to make it your signature, it becomes old and lame quickly.  I say almost every day because accessories still need to be event specific.  You can’t wear some crazy A-Morir glasses to a corporate meeting.  At the same time, you shouldn’t be wearing tie clips and wingtips to the club.  In no circumstance should you Bling.  It’s done!  It’s over!  No more!

Whether it’s a watch, cuff, swag, belt, bags, shoes, necklace, hat, tie, glasses, earrings, the options are endless.  Let’s take a look.


Pharrell has literally been awarded Best Dressed Man in the World by a number of credible sources like Esquire, Vanity Fair, and more.  He makes great use of accessories, and has the fashion credibility to set trends.  He was the first person I had ever seen rock a Louis Vuitton handkerchief around his neck.  Within weeks, I started seeing designer handkerchiefs in various fashion hubs in the States like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.  If not wearing, his words generate sales for companies like Richard Mille (watches), Jimmy Choo (shoes), A Bathing Ape (clothing line) and of course his own line Billionaire Boys Club.



So Mr. West, as one of the most polarizing people in the media, is one of those that has made it cool for men to be fashion concious.  He came onto the scene with his signature Louis Vuitton backpack and necklace aka Jesus piece.  His style has evolved and many say improved.  Notice how his Louis Vuitton scarf and shoes become the statement, and not as much his just as dope black blazer with white piping.  Always on the cutting edge of fashion, fans and companies, alike, have taken notice.  There is even a website dedicated solely to his style…!




Becks, when not in his football kit or shirtless, is often put on various Best Dressed lists.  He is definitely a fan of his accessories, for he is often seen with bracelets, ties, scarves, sunglasses, and more.  As you can see here, he’s incorporated a vest and tie with a casual look, which is really easy to do.  The scarf and beads are not for everyone, but it works for him.   While many are wearing your standard 3-button single breasted suit, David Beckham sports a slim fit double breasted navy pinstripe with spread collar and nice pocket square.  Definitely something men should have no qualms aspiring to.






Adding a few accessories can take you from boring to making a statement.  Please consider.

PS. Here’s my signature 10 years and running.  Cheers!


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